Why our Candles are Different

What Makes our Candles Different

Have you ever bought a candle that smelled amazing at the store but when you went home and lit it for the first time, you were disappointed that you couldn't smell it? Or have you ever wondered if the ingredients in your candles, room sprays, and wax melts are safe to inhale and be in your home? We have dealt with these issues ourselves before and it is one of the things that inspired us to make our own candles. We wanted to make better candles than the candles we were buying from the store originally, and we succeeded. Here's why:

Our candles smell delightful and homey when they are lit or unlit, and they burn through their entire life time with the same scent strength they have from the very beginning of lighting. This is not the only reason why our candles are different though. To put it simply, we care about the ingredients we use and examine them in detail. We use a natural, vegan apricot coconut wax blend and our candles are highly scented with natural fragrance oils. We use renewable wooden wicks for all of our candles. The larger 12 oz candles have crackling wooden wicks, which makes us feel like we’re at a bonfire or wrapped in a cozy blanket by the fireplace. It promotes comfy, relaxing feelings after a long day that we want you to experience! 

Last but not least, the environment is very important to us and we did not want to be a part of the environmental issues the Earth is facing. We use biodegradable packaging materials and our glass and aluminum vessels can be recycled and reused. We can't wait for you to experience our candles!

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